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Intensive Assistance?

People who are receiving intensive assistance typically have substantial and on-going healthcare needs as a result of chronic illness, disabilities, or following hospital treatment. Under the supervision of our senior physician, your loved one can receive high-level care from our health professionals, while benefitting from the comfort of our homes and the relaxing atmosphere of our luscious greenery.

Our complex care includes, but not limited to

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Memory Care

We know how worrying and stressful it can be when faced with the reality that a loved one is living with dementia or increasing memory loss. That is why we provide individual-focused care for people with any form of Dementia from the stage of early to late. Your loved one can be sure to benefit from our memory care in a calm and safe environment that supports easy navigation and social interactions. We personalize our care by working closely with those living with Dementia to learn about their past, personality, and preferences, with compassion and respect being at the forefront of everything we do.


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