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At Homerly, we believe everyone has their life story. Not only do we listen and cherish it, we take pride in being a part of it too! Rather than giving the same generic care to hundreds of residents, we focus on person-centered care that honours your aging process and allows you to enjoy the best from life.

Our story,

inspired by family

Based in the seaside Pattaya city, Homerly was founded by a family whose aim was to build the best home and environment for the stroke rehabilitation of their father, Martin. The stroke has impaired Martin’s motor function, which caused him to be neither able to speak nor walk in the early stage of post-stroke. Before the stroke, however, Martin was an active and a hard-working 75-year-old man who sees age as nothing but a number, and it was vital for us to keep his values in mind. We knew that recovering enough to go back to work again would mean the world to him, and it was our mission to give him all the support he needed. With comprehensive medical care, rigorous physical therapy, brain fitness and lots and lots of love, Martin is now 78 (and counting) and is already back to doing the things that give him purpose: being with his family and working!
Inspired by this, we have also found our purpose: dedicating each day to help you live the life you want as we carry on to serve you at Homerly.

Our Value

Authenticity, Goodwill, Integrity and Passion for care

Our Mission

To enrich people's well-being in a safe and caring environment

Our Culture

Celebrating individuality and caring with dignity

Our focus

Foundations of Purpose


We promote your physical and mental wellbeing as it allows you to focus on goals and experiences that matter


We value your individuality; we tailor enriching and fulfilling daily activities to your tastes


We foster a sense of connectedness so you can have a safe environment from which to pursue your life aims

Behind our care

Meet the board

Dr. Wanapa Intaprasert

Director of operations

Head of our care, CIDA scholarship awardee in Psychology and a Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Alberta, Canada. Dr. Wanapa has acquired 30+ years of experience in the fields of elderly and individuals with special needs

Rojana Pisanwalerd


A mother of two and an award-winning advisor of the cultural council of Thailand, Rojana has been practicing property development with a passion in hospitality and Universal Designs for 20+ years. 

Dr. Jirapan Chawantanpipat

Senior Physician

With a passion in healthcare, Dr. Jirapan is a First Class Honour Doctor of Internal Medicine who has been practicing and specializing in Interventional Cardiology for 25 years. He is the very powerhouse of our medical care and health care.

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